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Bringing a healthy daily dose of sarcasm to the insanity that is the Panic! at the Disco fandom. You're welcome.

SARCASM [sahr-kaz-uhm]: a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark; a bitter jibe or taunt, usually conveyed through irony or understatement
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i just kinda love little itty bitty fetus Panic at the Disco and their cute we are 19 and going on tour photos like yeah we are having so much fun 

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Old Brobecks Posters 

The last poster kills me. We Are The Fury has been one of my favorite bands for 7+ years. I saw them all over the US and love those guys so much. The idea of seeing them and The Brobecks on the same night… ugh.

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Carry On My Wayward Son

please listen to this with headphones on for full effect.
Left ear: Studio version by Kansas
Right ear: Live performance by Panic! At The Disco

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there's no 'my' in the song title people make this mistake all the time carry on wayward son kansas panic! at the disco cover seriously look it up 370 notes